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Before the Commission decided to table a proposal on bus and coach passenger rights five years ago, there was no international agreement applicable to the majority of Member States or any EU legislation establishing general rights for this mode of transport. In view of that, how will the Commission coordinate the effective implementation of bus and coach passenger rights legislation?

In order to ensure its correct implementation, the Commission first initiated pre-infringement proceedings against the Member States which had failed to nominate a national body responsible for the enforcement of the regulation and to adopt national legislation laying down penalties applicable to infringements of the regulation. The Commission is also currently checking the legislation of those Member States which have communicated it. Secondly, the Commission will organise meetings with the national enforcement bodies on a regular basis to agree on a common understanding of the different provisions of the regulation and to ensure their coherent application and also to enhance cooperation between the national enforcement bodies.

The EU in the demarche called on Iraq to make further efforts to prevent Iran support passing through Iraq, including by significantly increasing the frequency of the checks of Iranian flights to Syria. According to Associated Press AP online, EU leaders do not want trade negotiations to include talks on restrictions on genetically modified crops and other regulations that keep US products out of Europe.

To date, of the imported batches have been destroyed. The whereabouts of the remaining five are unknown. Investigations are ongoing in the concerned Member States to identify where and how the contamination took place.

Much more than documents.

In an interview with the Lusa news agency, Abebe Selassie, head of the International Monetary Fund IMF mission to Portugal, has admitted that the rise in unemployment had been much worse than expected and said that the only lasting way to restore jobs was to end the adjustment programme as quickly as possible.

Abebe Selassie also mentioned that the consequences of unemployment were very unfortunate and much worse than expected. He said that that was precisely why the deficit targets were being revised, in order to try to avoid putting further pressure on jobs. In line with established principles, the Commission does not comment on statements of other institutions.

As regards the labour market situation in Portugal, according to the Commission's Spring forecast unemployment in Portugal is expected to reach This is significantly higher than expected at the outset of the programme and mainly related to three factors. First, overall economic activity as measured by GDP has fallen by more than expected. Second, the composition of growth has changed more strongly towards the externally oriented sectors which are in general less employment intensive than the domestically oriented ones. Third, the wage response to the increase in unemployment has been quite muted which indicates that, as a legacy of the past overregulation of the Portuguese labour market, rigidities continue to be high even though they have been partly alleviated by the policies adopted in the framework of the programme.

Em caso afirmativo, quais? In an interview with the Lusa news agency, Abebe Selassie, head of the International Monetary Fund IMF mission to Portugal, has admitted that the rise in unemployment was much worse than expected and said that the only lasting way to restore jobs was to end the adjustment programme as quickly as possible. Given that 2.

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If so, what are they? In this regards, action has been taken to devise common strategies to tackle high unemployment:. The Compact for Growth and Jobs, on the basis of which the Commission presented a wide range of growth-enhancing proposals and which implementation is regularly reviewed;.

The Annual Growth Survey, which set five priorities for sustainable growth and jobs, including inviting Member States to pursue differentiated, growth-friendly fiscal consolidation;. The Youth Employment Package, which includes a set of measures aiming at helping Member States to tackle youth unemployment and social exclusion;.


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The Social Investment Package, where the Commission urges EU Member States to put more emphasis on social investment and gives guidance to Member States on more efficient and effective social policies. Portugal is implementing a wide range of reforms that are expected to improve the labour market functioning over the medium term. These reforms are being complemented with a reinforcement of Active Labour Market Policies to improve the employability of the unemployed and facilitate a faster return to employment. These measures include wage subsidy schemes to facilitate hiring of the most vulnerable groups, a programme targeted to tackle youth unemployment and an overhaul of the Public Employment Services to improve activation and facilitate the matching process between job vacancies and the unemployed.

All countries engaged in the negotiating process are fully supportive in the efforts to achieve a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear issue though diplomacy. Is de Commissie het eens met de stelling dat recycling van afval in Europa belangrijk is en door moet gaan?

De Europese recyclingbedrijven melden ernstige moeilijkheden te ondervinden als gevolg van de eisen die op grond van REACH aan hen worden gesteld. De Commissie is vast voornemens om een recyclingsysteem in Europa te bevorderen dat verenigbaar is met andere beleidsdoelstellingen, zoals, voor zover haalbaar, het afbouwen van het gebruik van schadelijke chemische stoffen en de vervanging ervan door veiligere alternatieven.

De Commissie overweegt op dit moment geen mogelijkheden zoals de vrijstelling van stoffen, mengsels of voorwerpen van de voorschriften van REACH, zoals autorisaties, beperkingen of andere verplichtingen. Zij werkt echter samen met belanghebbenden en vertegenwoordigers van de industrie om ervoor te zorgen dat de beleidsdoelstellingen van de afvalwetgeving en de wetgeving inzake chemische stoffen kunnen worden gehaald wat betreft gerecycleerde materialen.

Does the Commission agree that waste recycling activities in Europe are important and should be continued?

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Does the Commission recognise these difficulties and, if so, does it agree that the issue needs to be urgently addressed at EU level in order to facilitate the continuation of waste recycling in Europe? Does the Commission regard it feasible and justifiable to consider options such as temporarily exempting recycling activities from authorisation, subject to conditions yet to be identified, in order to help this particular industry? If so, what options is it considering?

If not, why not? The Commission is committed to the promotion of a recycling system in Europe, which is compatible with other policy goals, such as, where feasible, the phasing out of harmful chemicals and their substitution by safer alternatives. While it is true that these obligations do not apply to materials that are considered waste, the Commission considers that substances, mixtures or articles resulting from recycling or recovery that have ceased to be waste are subject to product legislation, such as REACH.

The Commission does not currently envisage options such as exemption of substances, mixtures or articles from REACH requirements, such as authorisations, restrictions or other requirements. However, it is working with stakeholders and industry representatives in order to ensure that the policy objectives pursued by both the waste and chemicals legislations can be achieved in the context of recycled materials. During this exercise, the Commission is taking into account the specific needs and challenges faced by the recovery and recycling sectors.

Firstly, sow stalls were in use despite the ban on sow stalls that came into force in January of this year.


Lastly, pigs seen on the farms had their tails removed, despite EU rules forbidding routine tail docking. How is the Commission going to improve the enforcement of the existing EU animal welfare rules in order to ensure that situations such as that identified by the CIWF do not recur in the future?


The Commission is still assessing the case against Spain on this issue. Such guidelines may assist both pig producers and Member States' authorities in their efforts to comply with the directive. For and , four such trainings are foreseen on animal welfare in pig production. When will these large volumes of European shale gas come to the market? However, only further exploration projects enabling the scientific mapping of existing resources and related geological parameters would provide more information to which extent this potential is actually economically recoverable.

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  6. The scenario analysis in the JRC study estimates for the period to average annual shale gas production in Europe of bcm in an optimistic scenario and of 25 bcm in a pessimistic scenario. Based on these figures, the study also provides a preliminary indicative estimate of the number of European shale gas wells to be drilled with current technologies.

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    Results range from wells per year in the pessimistic scenario to wells per year in the optimistic scenario. Europos Parlamentas dar m. The written statement adopted was forwarded to the Commission, the Council and the parliaments of the Member States. What specific steps does the Commission intend to take as regards tackling multiple sclerosis in Europe? Is the Commission taking or does it plan to take action to promote, in the Reflection Process on Chronic Disease, equal access to treatment and flexible employment policies for people with chronic neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis?

    Through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, the Commission is investing significant resources into research aimed at better understanding brain and neurological disorders, including multiple sclerosis. Such research should help develop better options for treatment and care, so as to improve the quality of life of patients. In the context of the reflection process on chronic diseases, the Commission is identifying ways to support Member States in addressing issues such as health promotion and disease prevention, disease management including ways to keep people with chronic illness longer at work, multi-morbidity and research.

    Access to treatment, however, is a matter which falls under the exclusive responsibility of the Member States. Horizon will follow a problem-solving approach and will address improving diagnosis, understanding and treating diseases, and promoting integrated care, all areas fully relevant for research on brain disorders. Betreft: Ongevallenstatistieken en onverzekerde wagens. We zitten dus weer op koers om het aantal verkeersdoden te halveren tegen , zoals bepaald in het EU-actieprogramma verkeersveiligheid Het blijkt echter dat er nog steeds veel mensen zich in het verkeer begeven zonder over een dergelijke verzekering te beschikken.

    Beschikt de Commissie over gegevens met betrekking tot het aantal onverzekerde wagens die betrokken waren in ongevallen de voorbije jaren in de verschillende lidstaten? Indien ja, kan de Commissie deze bezorgen?


    Welke acties onderneemt de Commissie om het aantal onverzekerde wagens in Europa te verminderen? De Commissie beschikt niet over precieze cijfers over het aantal onverzekerde wagens die bij verkeersongevallen betrokken waren. Zij beschikt evenmin over cijfers over het aantal onverzekerde wagens die een dodelijk ongeval hebben veroorzaakt.

    De nationale instanties zouden wel over deze gegevens moeten beschikken. De Commissie is het er volledig mee eens dat de bestrijding van rijden zonder verzekering van essentieel belang is. Bovendien volgt de Commissie elke ontwikkeling op nationaal niveau op de voet, bijvoorbeeld door de lidstaten geregeld te vragen om schattingen van het aantal onverzekerde wagens te bezorgen.

    Dit is voor het laatst gebeurd in juli De Commissie werkt eveneens actief samen met verenigingen van verzekeraars en schadebehandelaars op EU-niveau en bevordert beste praktijken om rijden zonder verzekering in de lidstaten te bestrijden. It appears, however, that more and more people are driving on the roads without the relevant insurance. Does the Commission have in its possession figures relating to the number of uninsured cars involved in accidents over recent years in each Member State?

    If so, could the Commission please provide these? What action is the Commission taking to reduce the number of uninsured cars in Europe?