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Our protagonist? Sixteen-year-old Sabrina Spellman Kiernan Shipka , a half-witch, half-mortal, who is presented with a life-altering choice: the mortal world of her closest friends or the magic world of her family. Let's start at the beginning of this young witch's tale , which is a dark reimagining of the Archie comic. However, if you're here expecting the canned laughter and talking cat of the Sabrina The Teenage Witch of the 90s, think again. This Sabrina is spooky and has a much higher special effects budget. A whole season of curses and blood and possession awaits you — if you dare keep your eyes on the screen even the cast got freaked out by the spells.

Join us as we binge the first season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Episode 1. The first episode begins a few days before the fateful decision witch or mortal? Instead, our witch is enjoying happier times, watching a horror movie in the theater with her boyfriend Harvey Ross Lynch , and two best friends, Rosalind Jaz Sinclair and Susie Lachlan Watson.

On their way to their traditional post-horror-movie debrief at Dr. Wardwell Michelle Gomez. Sabrina invites her to join them, but Miss Wardwell declines. She has papers to grade — and a demon to battle. For instance, while Zelda wants her to pick her familiar — a goblin in the form of a pet who will act as her protector — from a book, Sabrina believes it should be a mutual choice. She plans to summon one, and they will treat each other as equals, rather than servant and master. With her cousin Ambrose Chance Perdomo , however, she gets a little more candid.

They warn her that what happened to her parents might happen to her, insinuating that their deaths were no accident. To top it all off, they place a blood curse on Sabrina, that she must then wash off in the locker room showers. Susie has sought refuge from four footballers who keep harassing her, pulling up her shirt to see if she is a boy or a girl. Instead, he suggests, Susie could start looking at other schools.

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Luckily, sexy Madame Satan — uh, Miss Wardwell, has a solution. Did Sabrina know Hawthorne is deathly afraid of spiders? She enlists Ambrose to help her, and also reveals that she just tried to tell Harvey she was a witch and it went so badly she had to erase his memory. In her most recent vision, she follows her parents into the woods where there are two babies: one normal, one with dark, shriveled legs there's a crazy theory about that over here.

She shoots awake, and goes to find Ambrose to curse Hawthorne with a plague of spiders. As a reward for her hard work, her familiar finally reveals himself: Salem, a black cat. As she introduces Salem to her aunts the next morning, Sabrina also brings up her hesitation about her Dark Baptism with her aunts. It feels very patriarchal that she must sign away her rights and her body, despite the fact that this is what her parents wanted.

She wishes she could talk to someone to make an educated choice, and Ambrose privately suggests that she seeks guidance in a Malum Malus, which will give her some perspective and can be used by biting into the apple of the oldest tree. Her attempts are thwarted by Salem, however, and Sabrina glimpses a horrifying vision of witches hanging in the woods. But at home, a visitor is waiting. In Salem's words Episode 2. However, he does say she must end things with Harvey, because witch souls are not compatible with mortal souls.

Ambrose has his own bone to pick. At Baxter High, Susie has reached a breaking point. After witnessing a handful of jocks tearing down their WICCA signs, she runs at them, earning a suspension.

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Feeling abandoned by the school, Sabrina once again takes matters into her own hands — this time with the help of Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus. They agree to join Sabrina in seeking revenge on the mortal boys as long as she promises to never leave Baxter High, a promise Sabrina makes with fingers crossed. While they set off on their scheme, Zelda has a mission of her own. To punish Hilda for expressing her doubts to Sabrina, Zelda kills her sister and buries her in the yard.

For added measure, Prudence takes away their boyhoods and keeps them in a cage. Sabrina cops to the fact that she lied about staying at Baxter, but the witches said they already knew. Hilda resurrects herself just in time to send Sabrina off to her Halloween party. With her in a white gown and Harvey as a miner like his father, they set off into the night, with Sabrina promising to return by midnight for her secret baptism.

Until then, she enjoys what might be one last night with her friends, but flees as soon as the blood moon appears. She enters the woods, walks through the blue flames, and her white dress turns black. Blackwood, her family, and the rest of their coven are waiting. Miss Wardwell is even hiding in the trees. As horrifying visions cloud her brain, she agrees to to place the Dark Lord above all others in her life — loved ones, family, friends, neighbors. Zelda is infuriated, humiliated, and hardly speaks to her niece the next morning.

All mortal flesh will burn, he promises.

Episode 3. Was this, in fact, a familiar? Familiars usually die without their masters. In the meantime, however, Ambrose will look after it. The students want to make this right, but Sabrina has her own issues back home.

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Since witch law is guilty until proven innocent, her guardians Hilda and Zelda are stripped of their powers until a verdict is reached. That might be difficult, however, because Father Blackwood has a trump card up his sleeve. Turns out, a few days after Sabrina was born, her father and Zelda went into the woods and preemptively signed her name in the book of the beast, promising her to the Dark Lord. It was the only way he was allowed to marry her mortal mother, Zelda explained.

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Now, Sabrina is trapped. So is Harvey, at least mentally. His father wants him to start pulling his weight and carrying out shifts in the mines, but as he tells Sabrina that next day, he had a traumatic experience down there when he was eight years old. He saw a vision of what audiences see is the Dark Lord himself. Ambrose is the only person who seems to be getting anywhere with his particular issue.

At school, a vision conjured by Miss Wardell reveals some horrifying news. She wants nothing to do with a person who would vouch for such horrible men, and fires him. However, Webster reveals that he had actually signed his name away to the devil, and found himself defending case after case without fully realizing how horrible they were. Now, he wants redemption, and Sabrina agrees to give it to him.

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His first order of business is to change the whole way the court is approaching the trial. Since Sabrina is also half mortal, she should be half-judged the mortal way. It truly seems like everything is at a breaking point — and Hilda finally hits hers. This makes any subsequent agreements null and void, and allows for the ultimate compromise. Hilda and Zelda get their powers back but Hilda is excommunicated for her treason and Sabrina can retain her mortal life as long as she agrees to still attend The Academy of Unseen Arts and as well as weekly Black Mass.

Episode 4. Sabrina is greeted outside a derelict building by a small boy named Quentin Liam Hughes. When he brings her inside, it transforms into the Academy. Meanwhile, the girls night is not going as planned when Susie reveals that her sick uncle, Uncle Jesse, is living in her house. After catching a glimpse of what Jesse has become, Rosalind agrees to stay with Susie the whole weekend. If only Sabrina could get that kind of company. She might have gone crazy, had Salem not sense she was in danger and come running to protect her. Before they can cause too much damage, Blackwood calls Sabrina into his office.

She has suffered a number of miscarriages, but Zelda has never lost a baby during her past as a midwife. Zelda reluctantly agrees. They might have clues for solving the Acheron Configuration, which Nicholas reveals her dad actually creative.

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Ambrose is having his own warlock struggles. Luke wants to go on a date, but Ambrose cannot leave the house. Rather than admit to being a felon, he asks Hilda to help him astral project into a coffee shop for just 20 minutes so he can see Luke outside of the confines of their home. Project too long, and Ambrose will be taken away by psychopomps, never to return.

longdispdemare.gq Sabrina, near her own kind of death, is in the midst of night two of her harrowing. However, she once again makes it, and is rescued by Quentin the next morning.