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It took me two weeks to write the first novella and then twelve months to write the next two.

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I struggled with my craft and worked hard to become a better writer for my audience. The third novella sold just over copies, the reviews were mixed, and I was pretty close to giving up. In mid, I was sitting on the deck of a beach house during a short vacation, looking out over the ocean. I saw a young couple frolicking on the beach, she slapped her companion across the face really hard and then she kissed him passionately. They got handsy and left the beach. I wrote a flash fiction piece, about words, and sent it to Erika by email.

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That piece became the basis for my fourth novella which sold over 10, copies and started a run of 19 books in just under four years. You need to get your book in front of people and build your own audience. There are services you can use and groups you can join, but the best long term strategy you can have is to build an email list and promote it in your books. You also need to be prolific.

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I aimed to release a book during my four year run at a rate of one every three months — I exceeded that. I would send them flash fiction or short stories once a month at least. This allows me to get great open rates on my promotional emails when I have a new book to sell. Probably the most important key to success is to have fun with it.

go I always wanted to find myself eager to sit down and write because I enjoyed the storytelling. My last book before I took my hiatus was hard work and it was a sign that I needed a break.

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As I fleshed it out over the first year or so, it helped me immeasurably because I could get into character to write and it allowed me to develop a unique voice and tone. It also ensured my anonymity. I have an established professional career, a small following for my other writing and training products, and I have a family. There are less than a half a dozen people who know that I do this and three of them have ethical obligations not to disclose anything I tell them. That anonymity gives me the freedom that I feel I need to be the best writer that I can be.

Writing erotic fiction has been the most entertaining creative endeavour of my adult life.

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I would often times find myself sitting down to write something at 9pm on a Wednesday evening, then realizing it was am and remembering I had an am meeting to attend. As a writer, this is the payoff. Sign in. Get started.

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Writing Erotic Fiction is Hard Work. Average Don Juan Follow. Why Was it So Hard? Pun Intended The most useful piece of feedback that I received was from a woman named Erika who would go on to become my editor for the next 21 books. The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better.

You can reach me at: averagedonjuan gmail. Popular examples of animal fantasy include:. In toy fantasy stories, narrators bring their beloved toys to life, and transform them into animated beings that can live, talk, think, breathe, love, and behave like human beings. You would see modern toy fantasies in picture book format.

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Examples include:. In a magical fantasy, you see a character having magical powers, or a strange magical object becomes the subject of the narrative. Such fantasies include. In these fantasies, you see leading character undertaking a journey to an alternative world, or a fantasy world. Though realistic tales also employ journeys, you would only see magical things happen in fantasy journeys. These fantasies involve adventures with a search, quest, and motif. While this quest could be a pursuit for a higher purpose, like justice and love, or for getting a reward like hidden treasure, or a magical power; the conflict of heroic fantasies focuses on struggle between evil and good.

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The protagonist struggles with internal weakness and temptations, such as you may observe in these stories:. However, in a mystery, the solution is always a supernatural one, or through supernatural assistance such as witchcraft.

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  6. Its best example is:. Science fiction is a type of imaginative literature. It provides a mental picture of something that may happen on realistic scientific principles and facts. This fiction might portray, for instance, a world where young people are living on Mars. You can find this type of imaginative fiction in these stories:.