Notes to Grandma

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For Her 18th. For Her 50th. What to Write: Birthday Wishes for Grandma. Nana Ann—From your [oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies that you counted as a healthy snack , to your singing me to sleep], my childhood was made better in a million little ways by all of the wonderful things you are. You deserve a wonderful birthday.

Talk to you soon! Happy Birthday to the Best Bubbe in the world!

What to Write: Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Mamaw—Hope your day brings you a million smiles! Poke fun…at yourself. Did Grandma get an advanced degree in spoiling you? Tell her. Grandma Jean, you helped make me what I am today—a spoiled brat. Happy Birthday, Granny! When in doubt, add love. Just like Grandma would do.

Grandma Sue, hope your day is as amazing as you. Love you!

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