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I peep at him and gasp. His brilliant green eyes tear into mine, chilling me to the bone. Holding my gaze, he stands, pulls me up, and spins me around.


He crushes me into his body and buries his face in my hair. I quake with anticipation, and his biceps tighten around my breast. Drake is the only man that can get me so aroused that I ache for the familiar soreness of his large cock battering me. He arches my spine, yanks my ass higher, and positions his thick cock at my entrance.

I want him now.

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Trembling, I peek at his cock again. Oh god. Fuck it, I have to take all of him. You want it, babe? You want my dick inside you? He says in furious gasps as he rubs my entrance with his head. You are going to take my cum really quick before I can thoroughly fuck you. Will you do that for me?

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I scream loud to the heavens, and lift my hips to meet his powerful thrust. It feels so fucking good. My heart hurts from how beautiful, broken, and shattered he is. Knowing I caused that pain makes it hard for me to breathe. It makes me want him more. I watch in awe as his big muscular body trembles as he starts to ejaculate hard and hot inside me. He screams my name as waves of ecstasy swallow his body. His giant cock swells, stretching my pussy beyond belief, and he spurts his hot semen into the depths of my body, thrusting viciously the entire time.

Fuck, Scarlett! So sweet. Growling, he turns my head and kisses me hard, bruising the fuck out of my mouth. He buries his hands in my hair, fisting it roughly, as the muscle of his tongue plunges aggressively down my throat. We kiss like deranged fools. He complies. Instantly, he begins riding me so quick and hard that the wooden walls and glass furniture start shaking.

I arch my back, wanting more even though his cock is already filling me to the brim.

Puffin Peter

The only one who can make me whole in this world. The orgasms come with frightening speed. Because he is my man. He knows my body better than even I do.

Author Interview: Carla Doolin

Drake is my king; my everything. He knows how to take care of me. Drake pulls out, spins me around, and pushes me to my knees. Automatically I reach for his cock, because oh boy have I been dying to feel it deep in my mouth. This is what he wants. He cries out my name in praise, and shoves his cock down my throat. Drake buries his hands in my hair, pulling and tugging at the roots as he thrust his hips forward.

Fucking the hell out of my mouth. The thought of him so lost to the world and everything else apart from my mouth empowers me, maddens me with wanton, animalistic desire. All I care about is pleasing him, taking him into my body. I suck harder, licking the pulsing veins of his cock, tonguing his swollen slit, and swirling my tongue around the crown.

I grab his heavy balls, and caress and squeeze them the way I know he likes while I continue with my mouth. I shudder with delight as the first drop of his heavy hot semen touches my tongue.

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I fist the root of him with both hands, hollowing my cheeks, as I suck every drop out of his big cock. Drake comes with the fury of a tornado, and his body quakes as he comes for long minutes. He fills my mouth with his semen until it starts dripping from the sides of lips. How can I? I missed the tangy taste of him, the way his thick semen usually sat at the top of my throat before it slid down. It was as if it was forcing me to remember every element of his taste and essence.

But he gently pushes me away as he collapses to the ground. Then he bundles me in his arms again, and cradles my face like a child. Drake buries his face in my neck before I can see his eyes. My nipples hardened into bullets. The blunt possessive way he always referred to my pussy as if he would commit murder if anyone else ever fucked me always turned me on mad.

I touch his jaw and lift his head, my heart wrenching in my chest. I want to do anything he wants me to.

I want him to see how much I love and need him. Staring at me with lust filled eyes, he packs the semen on my cheeks and rubs it over the curve of my lips, massages, and then sticks his fingers inside my mouth. He growls warningly, and I feel him getting hard. I suck harder and start rocking my hips, pushing my body into his.

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Drake grabs and plumps my breast with his free hand, and starts rolling an aching nipple between his fingertips. Before I know it, he flips me onto all fours, and his hips begin to jerk, his rigid cock pounding my battered pussy. He pounds his hips into me, forcing me to take his punishing lunges.


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His hands are everywhere, squeezing my breast, pinching my clit, sliding over my thighs and ass. Now, he has me on my back. Then he has me on top.

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