Zero Separation (A Donovan Nash Thriller)

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Zero Separation.

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A Novel. Narrated by Luke Daniels. Code Black. Narrated by Kevin Foley. Also available as: eBook. Category Five.

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Narrated by Chris Kennedy. A Donovan Nash Novel. A Donovan Nash Thriller. Also available as: Audiobook. Deadly Echoes. Speed the Dawn. Pegasus Down. Seconds to Midnight. Rendition, The. Narrated by Phil Gigante. Continue shopping. In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane Helena is gaining strength, growing to become the most powerful storm in recorded history. While Helena bears down on Bermuda, Donovan Nash, as well as the other members of a scientific research organization called Eco Watch, are called to fly in and extract different key government people that have been studying Helena.

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There are waves over ninety feet and mile an hour winds, Helena marches on relentlessly for the vulnerable east coast of the United States. This novel is packed full with action, and is highly entertaining. From start to finish the book is riveting, and readers had a tough time putting it down for very long. Donovan Nash is a likable character, and the rest of the characters are all well developed and likable as well.

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Once the radar comes back up, two planes have collided. Wayfarer flight , with half the roof ripped away, flies on.

Donovan Nash is seated with the dead and dying passengers, he is a pilot that fights the oxygen deprivation and decompression to make his way up to the shattered cockpit. Lauren McKenna, his fiance, is waiting for Donovan only to find that something has gone wrong with the flight.

Lauren has to convince Henry Parrish, who is an unlikely ally, to help her save the guy she loves. Together the two have to keep a step ahead of the heightened security and the airline, to execute their daring rescue in order to save Donovan and the rest of the survivors on board flight Readers found that this one was a wild ride from beginning to end. Donlay does a great job of hooking you and holding your attention. It has a fast pace, constant turns and twists, and suspense that keeps your attention glued to the pages.

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Donovan has a secret he would do anything at all to keep. He is the prime suspect when somebody steals an executive jet worth fifty million dollars, and an FBI agent named Veronica Montero put him directly in the cross hairs for it. Operating with her own agenda, Montero blackmails Nash into helping her track down a man she wants dead.

Nash is powerless against the information she holds, and is forced into a situation much deadlier than either one of them could have imagined. The guy they are after is not the criminal that they expect. Instead, he is a terrorist that has a plan to use the stolen jet to carry a devastating and unthinkable act that would be able to sink America into the nastiest conflict since the Second World War. I love thriller authors who live what they write about. Ward Larsen is an airline From the very first shocking, irreverent, and chilling line, you know The Comfort of Black Witty, smart and highly entertaining.

An intriguing mix of hopes and fears that combine into Pocket sucked me in and held me enthralled. Author Jude Hardin keeps the pace frantic, Larsen is fast becoming a thriller writer to watch. He clearly knows his subject matter and The Charlestown Connection is a crackling good read, finely paced and full of surprising twists.

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Terrell Griffin continues with his successfully humorous and exciting mystery series. I anxiously wait Former LA Times crime reporter Corwin clearly knows the technical stuff. His procedural details are Once in a while a great book comes along and the reader knows with the Ward Larsen is an airline captain who also flew combat missions and worked on aircraft Should be as influential as the A. Terry Griffin has done it again.

Zero Separation (Donovan Nash, book 3) by Philip Donlay

The plot takes a A thriller that slowly weaves the threads of various events together to create a tapestry Toggle navigation. Social Feed. Oceanview Publishing. Posted: 4 days ago. Posted: Last week.

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